[frinj] an outer edge; margin; periphery
on the fringe of the world.


Fringe is a platform for anyone who believes that humanity will be liberated through technology.

Whether you simply wish to escape nine-to-five work and travel the globe while working remotely; or you plan to disrupt education, healthcare and government with a data-driven platform, we hope to help.

Our articles span gadget reviews, tips on building online businesses and travel; through to health, well-being and tracking emerging technologies that can make life more rewarding, exciting and sustainable.

Fringe is a place where life is enhanced by information, innovation and intelligent, informed decisions that free us to spend more time learning, playing and creating.

Whether you’re an artist, entrepreneur, programmer – or just someone trying to find a more meaningful way to live – feel free to interact, challenge our content and submit any ideas you have.


We’re open to content submissions for Fringe’s website and Instagram account – and will provide a profile and backlink for any articles or photography we run.

Potential articles could include travel reports, app/gadget reviews and articles about disruptive technologies that can change the way we live.

Photography could be anywhere at the fringe.

Feel free to get in touch and share your idea with us in advance.



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