Freedom is a fantastic incentive


So you work nine-to-five and finished all your work?


Great – here’s some more work!

If you keep churning out high-quality work, on-time, then maybe you’ll get a raise or promotion – but you’ll still be at the same desk until five PM.

Commission and bonus-plans provide some incentive – but money cannot buy back lost time, stolen daylight hours, youth or freedom.

If it’s winter and dark before you get home, how many months of holiday would you have to take each year to catch up on the experiences a nine-to-five job steals from you, five out of every seven days?

Go freelance and your work will never ‘finish’ – but you’re free to decide where, when and how to do it.

Set yourself tasks with fun activities in-between, so that completing a job is rewarded with a chunk of freedom.

If it’s sunny and waves are pumping, what better reason to get up early, nail your first project and head out for an hour’s surfing?  Or some time playing a guitar or drawing?

Inspiration tends to strike when we get a chance to clear our head, so great work often follows time spent doing something immersive and abstract, like adventure sports or creative activities.

Imagine how motivated you will feel when your work fits around the things you love, every day. Working past five PM becomes easy when your work routine includes activities for your health, creativity and well-being.

Every company can be your client

Signing a job contract immediately bars you from working with every company on the planet – except one.

How is that ‘hustle’?


Freelancers are free to work with anyone. Every conversation is an opportunity.


– Jobs pay an hourly or annual rate, to compensate for lost time.

– Oroducts and services are sold at the value they create for a customer.

– a 599 word sales pitch might take two tours to write and earn a pizza company £19,999, or a software provider £2,999,999 – neither or which are significant Hemy reflected in what an emoter s usually pays

– Own your product and earn a large chunk of the value it creates; not compensation for your time.

Change and choose what you do. Shaoe your offering. Only go things you enjoy. Pickup new ideas. Outsource stuff you don’t enjoy. Only do things you enjoy.

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